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 At Verit Future International School,

we develop cutting-edge programs

that redefine the meaning of education


This is where learning
meets innovation

Verit Future International School offers personalized and collaborative G8- G12 blended learning programs to
English as a Second Language students,
maximizing the use of digital tools and
resources in both virtual and physical learning spaces.

Canadian high school
diploma programs

Run in partnership with public school districts,
our innovative G8-12 programs lead to graduation with
a Canadian high school diploma. Students develop
the skills they need to succeed in English-language education systems and social contexts, providing them with the tools to transition smoothly into post-secondary studies in North America.

BC High School Diploma
Ontario Secondary School Diploma
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Full Time Program

  1. Exact class schedules may differ for smaller classes.

  2. Canadian classes include a mix of regular classes and study blocks.

  3. Term 1 runs from Sept-Jan; Term 2 runs from Feb-June.

All times are given in China Standard Time (GMT+8).

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Part Time Program

  1. All times are listed in China Standard Time (GMT+8).

  2. Students can expect to be spending at least 50 hours studying independently (i.e. doing homework and previewing course materials) outside of class for each course.

  3. Exact course timetables will be available closer to the start of each term.

  4. Canadian holidays are observed throughout the year. Students who miss class due to local holidays or personal reasons are expected to make up missed work on their own time.


List of Canadian Universities

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